Window Cleaning

The obvious one. We clean windows using high-quality water-fed poles and purified water. This ensures that your windows are left spotlessly clean, and streak-free. 

Using poles means that we can access hard-to-reach windows, such as over a conservatory, or third-story windows. 

When cleaning windows, we also ensure that your sills, frames, and doors are cleaned too.

Conservatory  Cleaning

We offer 2 levels of conservatory roof cleaning. Firstly, the deep clean. This would be the once-a-year, all singing and all dancing clean to get your conservatory gleaming. When doing this we also give the windows a very thorough wash, allowing you to see your garden in all its glory. 

As part of our regular visits to clean your windows, we can also clean your conservatory windows and roof. This will remove any muck or dirt that has accumulated, leaving your conservatory looking spick-and-span.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Although most polar panels are designed to be self-cleaning, not all of them are. Bird droppings, wet leaves, and the general winter grime can lower the efficiency of your solar panels. Our water-fed poles allow us to remove these deposits, leaving the panels unobstructed, and able to take in the most light possible. 

Garage Door Cleaning

When cleaning your windows, why not get us to give the garage door a good old clean? Rain splashes bring unwanted grime and dirt onto the door. We can leave the door looking amazing when we leave, adding a whole new sparkle to your house. 

Greenhouse Cleaning

It is vital to keep your greenhouse clean to allow the sun to get through easily. We offer a service to clean both the inside and outside of a conservatory and recommend this as a once-per-year job. 

As greenhouses are fragile we take the utmost care with these (and all other jobs), but make sure that the glass is left perfectly clear.